The Compaq Prosignia 300

In the mid 90's, Compaq introduced a new variant in their well known "Prosignia" line of servers.  Back then, they were high-end workgroup servers, perfect for sharing files and running basic email services.  They were first made as 75MHz Pentium models, but eventually were offered as 150MHz models, until they were eventually phased out for new designs.  Below are example pictures of one that has received minor disk and memory upgrades, and is actually still in use for basic 'net surfing, emailing, and word processing.


The Prosignia 300


The side panel opened


The drives and cables


Memory, processor, and fan

BUT, as computer stuff often does, the servers did not keep up with software advances or user response time expectations, and they quickly became considered slow dinosaurs in the computer world.  Now, my company had at least one of these old workhorses in every office throughout the U.S. and Europe (about 50 or so.)  They were slowly phased out, replaced with bigger, faster computers.

Now then...  Suppose, for a moment, that someone's company used a Prosignia 300 to run some server connection software written by a demented programmer. Suppose that after many years of dealing with connection problems and screaming, dissatisfied users, that every support technician came to despise said software and the server it ran on. Now imagine that someone finally found ways to eliminate the need for this server, and the computer was removed from the company's asset list.

You can see where this is going, right?  Revenge.