The old innards of Nick's computer have been reused as a computer in the family room.  It is hooked up to the big TV for a very large image.  It's intended to be used for playing games, but realistically can be used for anything a normal computer can do.

To make this case, I used an old HP Netserver chassis.  It was very close to being a standard ATX case - it just needed a little larger opening for the power supply in the back, which was very easy to do.  
The case was that crappy old beige computer color.  I wanted it to be black, since it was pretty much going to become a piece of home audio/video equipment in the entertainment center.  I used a nice quick base of Rustoleum flat black (which is the paint used on the server) basically as primer, and then a few light even coats of generic quick-dry gloss black.  The resultant finish is perfect.

I also painted all the drive covers to match.  The fan controller here is important, as it keeps down distracting noise.  I also gave it a little logo strip on the right in place of the dumb HP logo.

I added a couple of blue LED clusters I had left over from other stuff beneath the front grill to give it a pretty neat glowing blue effect when it's powered on.  
Here's the system in action.  The wireless keyboard and mouse work pretty well, though the mouse is optical and works better with a piece of paper underneath it.  
Here's the receiver for the keyboard and mouse tucked up in a corner by the TV.  
These are USB extension cables and a game controller to plug into the computer and run stuff to the couch.  
Uh... yeah.  Don't look behind the wooden tower.  Yeah.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  All those different devices need a lot of cables to get it all working together.