Nick's recently upgraded computer makes use of the same aluminum frame of the previous incarnation.

The full view.  This is a modified Lian Li PC60 series aluminum case.  The green knobs are fan speed controllers so that we can tone down the speed of internal fans for reduced noise.  Below the knobs is a multi-format memory card reader for copying pix from digital cameras and transferring songs to MP3 players.  
The front of the case is intentionally very uniform.  The DVD and DVD writer drives have aluminum doors in front to keep its one-piece look.  There is no floppy drive; floppies are for the weak!  
The top window allows a good view of the power supply and the light on top of the DVD drive.  Each power cable is a custom length cable made with green connectors and wires, and then sleeved with green mesh to maintain tidiness.  
The window cut into the side of the computer is solely for showing off the guts; there's nothing practical about it.  Lighting is provided by a green cold cathode bar and a round cold cathode fan grill (in addition to the mini-tube on top of the DVD.)  The power connectors on the DVD drives also light up.  Lights are good.  
Here's what makes it tick.  This is an Athlon 64-based computer; no Intel processor to be found.  The 3800+ rated processor is connected to the Asus A8N-SLI motherboard.  It has 1GB of PC3200 memory.  The video card is a 256MB GeForce 6800 GT OC by BFG Tech.  (Those familiar with my history of misbehaving video cards may appreciate that this particular card has a lifetime warranty!)  An 80GB SATA drive provides the storage.  
Here's the rear ventilation fan with its cold cathode fan grill.  The massive heat sink is designed to keep the processor cool without a loud fan.  
I tried to keep the cabling nice and neat.  I'm moderately happy with this part.  I might replace one of the cables to better bundle them together and keep tidiness at a maximum.