Baby Elena

Ok, so people have been clamoring at us for days to get some pictures out in cyberspace, so here you go! It's not easy to find time for artistic pursuits like this when there's a cute baby around to stare at, you know!

Commentary by Amanda. Pictures by Amanda, Grandma Racette, Nick, etc etc etc.

Here's Elena later in the day that she was born. Nick snuck into the nursery, and by that I mean he passed a battery of tests to prove his identity, including the retina scan and body cavity search. Let me tell you, it isn't easy to get into the nursery at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital. It shouldn't be, and it isn't.  
Here's me and the baby having a snuggle moment early the next day.  
We went home on Friday, and the bouncer seat became the Baby Viewing Throne. Here is Elena catering to her ever-present and loyal subjects.  
Being a baby is hard, and after you've powered through a bottle of delicious formula, it's time for a nap.  
More adoration by the subjects. Her little feet are especially worshipped in this kingdom.  
Here's Nick, trying to make sure Elena doesn't fall off his shoulder, as she's nearly done a few times to all of us. We think it's her attempt to abdicate the throne and go back to the womb where it was warm and nice.  
Dan got into the whole "feeding the baby" thing after a bit of cajoling from his brother. He was a little nervous, but he's a natural, much like the other men in the Twentyfive/Even clan.  
Nick multitasks. Don't get used to it.  
Elena's great-grandparents stopped in for a visit and did their part to make Elena feel like the center of the universe (which, of course, she is).  
And finally, after a long day of being adored, all Elena wants to do is have some snuggly time with Mommy.  

If you'd like to see pictures and commentary of the miraculous labor and delivery (well, not actual pictures of the delivery - that would be gross), go here.