Battletech is a game based on the concept of giant armored robots - BattleMechs, or just Mechs - walking around and blasting the bits out of each other.  Dice rolling determines whether your guns blow up the other guy or not.  First made by FASA in 1984, the game's license has traded hands a few times, spawning new editions all the while.  It has exploded into a series of gaming systems, novels, cartoons, video games, and more.  As such, there are some great robot designs that have come out of the franchise.  Some work was 'borrowed' from other robot series, like Robotech.

Here are some blueprints of two popular Mechs, the Timber Wolf and the Mad Dog.  They use the same leg structure.

Nick really got into the game in college, designing his own Mechs using the rules provided.  In that time, the collection of little pewter playing pieces... well... got out of hand.  He has over fifty carefully painted two-inch pewter figures.  David and Joseph both like the game too, and years later from Nick's discovery of the game, they're now finding it fun to design a Mech, and buy and paint representative figures.  These little pewter figures below are about two inches tall.

Battletech can be a role-playing game, but Nick always just used it for the board game, rolling dice to see who beats up who.  Still, coming up with all of the cutting-edge stuff used in the games felt like some explanation was necessary.  The endpoint was a custom Mech factory, using 'appropriated' advanced manufacturing equipment.  This proved fun, too, because Nick enjoyed making polished-looking printouts of new Mech designs.

Battletech's storyline is pretty rich as well.  It might be too complex for a movie, though.