Lego Robot

Here's my first attempt at a Lego robot.  Man, Legos are fun.

Not everything here is my design.  I copied the arm design from a guy who makes really cool Lego robots, Tac.  As his leg design used pieces I didn't have, and they seemed a bit fragile, I made those from scratch.

Photos and comments by Nick Twentyfive.


Here it is.  Yay.
The front flips down so the pilot can get in.
It's posable.  The 'hands' open to hold stuff. 
Here's the back.  The big jet booster on the back is to... you know... go fast.
Side profile.
Here it has its little hand-held gun.  Not real big.
Here's a shoulder-mounted cannon-thingie.  The mount for it allows me to connect a bunch of different things...
Here's a big triple-missile autoloader.
This is a rotary rapid-fire cannon.  I used many of the few green Legos I have to make this.
This is a huge long-range laser cannon.  It's... huge.
This is a flamethrower with its shoulder-mounted fuel tank.

I think if I had more pieces, I'd be making stuff with Legos all the time.