Lego Robot, Mark II

The first Lego robot I made was a lot of fun to build.  It had some flaws, though.  The chest section looked weird.  The arms weren't connected in a good place relative to the torso, and the shoulder joints were pretty weak.  Some of the weapons were kind of odd.

So, I spent literally a few bucks on and bought a few new pieces to better replicate the great arm assemblies by this guy on the Internet named Tac.  I also changed around a few weapons.

Photos and comments by Nick Twentyfive.

Here's the (posed) robot.  It is pretty well articulated.
Back side.  The big thruster on the back is mostly for zipping him along on the ground faster, not for flying.
Easy pilot access.  Of course, a ladder might make the entry/exit process a bit less challenging or painful.
For close-up butt-kicking, he can use a sword and shield.  I'd suspect this is most useful against other big robots, and less useful against, say, enemy forts or aircraft.
Here we have some short-range weapon pods attached: a rotary cannon on his shoulder, and a big ol' flamethrower in his hand.  Everything you need to shoot and cook your own dinner.
This refit with dual lasers is meant to operate for extended periods without reloading.  Of course, the pilot better bring a lunch or something.
When you really need to saturate a target area with explosions, you need missiles.  These ought to do the trick.
When your target is really far away, you can use some long-range, extra-precise rail guns.
...and when your target is really tough, you need a big laser cannon.  With a satellite targeting system.  Be afraid.
And, when big explosions are in order, you can just outfit your robot with a bunch of big missiles.  You won't get a lot of shots, but if any missiles hit, you can pretty much go home.
And finally, there may be situations when an aerial attack is required.  So, slap on some boosters and some small and light arm weapons, and you can divebomb some bad guys and ruin their day.