Launch of August 24, 2008

Some things to note about this trip:

Location: Athletic fields between WS East High School, Middle School, and Elementary School

photos and comments by Nick and Amanda

Nick starts readying some rockets, and selecting some engines from the big box o' engines.
Here's Joe's new rocket, modeled after the Pokemon Kyogre.  David came up with this idea and helped Nick build it.  They're particularly proud of the paint scheme.  The paint job was actually left unfinished so we could see if it flew before spending the time on paint.
Amanda helps Joe assemble the rocket for launch from the designated luxury seating area for pregnant women.
The Kyogre in  its owner's hands, ready for its first flight.
Here's the Kyogre on the launch pad.  Unfortunately, this is the last picture this rocket will have in this launch history.  The flight was a failure; the design's large, top-heavy fins made it do a twenty-foot loop and crash.  While its injuries are relatively minor - only fin-related - we will be unable to make the rocket flight worthy.  The Kyogre will be retired to a display role after some brief repair time.
Nadine prepares to launch a rocket.  She really seemed to enjoy the rocketing experience.  Look at the big grin.
David's Alpha on the launch pad, its engine juuuust starting to fire up.  This one flew just fine.
We don't remember which rocket this was.  Here's a nice shot of its smoky after-effects, though.
The Screamin' Meanie awaits launch.  No problems.
Amanda's Red Ninja gets ready to kick some butt.  No issues with this one, either.
David catches up to Joseph, who's just picking up a landed rocket.
Amanda's dual-engine Thunderstar, taking off.  This is a great shot... you can see the yellow flame, and the smoke has not dispersed into a shapeless cloud yet.
Nadine and David inspect the Thunderstar after its none-too-gentle landing on the hard dirt of the baseball diamond, well over a hundred yards from the launch pad.
Joe pretends to be tired from running for the picture as the crew heads back to base.  Yeah, right.  He never gets tired.

The small Freaky Flyer had some engine mounting problems.  Trying to fix it resulted in the destruction of the engine tube.  Done.  Oh well.

Multiple storms threatened to ruin our parade, but slid to the north until just as we finished up.  We were treated to great lightning show (which we estimated was four miles away) as we walked back to the cars.